What color will my holds be? Can I select a color? How many colors can I select?

Color can be selected for each set of holds. Each set comes with 5 holds. We do not have multiple colors in a set. See our color chart for all standard inventory colors. There is no charge for color specific orders.

**Disclaimer: the colors you see on a monitor are different from the colors you will receive. If you need a color match or to see a color please contact us for a sample.

Can I order a custom color?

Custom Colors can be designed on a case by case basis for Additional Charges.

What is the size of each hold?

All holds are different. You can compare the size of each hold to the image of the mint. The mint has a diameter of 7/8 inch.

What’s the difficulty of the holds?

All holds are designed with beginner climbers in mind.

Are these holds unisex?

Of course!

What’s the weight of each hold?

Each hold is different. See each the set’s product info for weight specifications.