Guardian Innovations

Guardian Innovations has created a rock hold line that is great for beginners of all ages. Beginners just starting to climb on small walls at your rec center, school, or playground need climbing holds made for their ability.

Benefits of Guardian Rocks

  • Larger foot holds
  • Tennis shoe/sneaker friendly designs
  • “Jug” style hand holds for beginner climbers
  • Texture designed with kids’ hands in mind
  • Strongest quality material (no plastic) to avoid breakage and keep you on the wall

Guardian Rocks:

Will help the next generation of climbers fall in love with the sport.  Guardian understands the challenges today’s municipalities have with budget and being able to provide quality products at affordable prices.  Guardian Rocks are sold only in the municipality market with price point in mind.


Guardian Rocks are manufactured by Aragon Elastomers, a global leader in the climbing hold manufacturing business for over 13 years.